Bomet College of Accountancy (BCA) was started on 2 November 2005, College is strategically located at the heart of Bomet County. The College started by offering two courses i.e. Computer Studies and Accounting. Presently, BCA is offering a total of seven (7) courses namely; Accounting, Computer Studies.Business Management, Secretarial Studies and Store Keeping. The student population has risen, from five (5) in 2005 up to 250 (in 2018), BCA has been provisionally registered with Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA). The Registration Number is


BCA is now a Centre for KNEC (Centre Number 508103) and KASNEB Examination centre for accounting Exams.

Students who have graduated from BCA have been absorbed in the job market especially as Bursars in the local Secondary Schools and in the Accounts Section of financial institutions, and also as secretaries in different institutions.

Based on the aforementioned, the idea of developing BCA’s Five Year Strategic Plan (2017- 2022) was conceived so that the college can make another stab in the future. The key element in this Strategic Plan Is strategic expansion. The main areas targeted include: human resource development, increase students’ enrollment, increase number of courses offered, infrastructural development, opening and operationalismg BCA Branches, strategic partnerships and strengthening of BCA’s financial base to contribute to the Community Social Responsibilities. This Strategic Plan is a roadmap that will ensure that BCA consolidates its past and present gains, and at the same time make confident strides into the future as it realizes its strategic objectives and the attainment of Vision 2030.